Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bedroom Addition

About fifteen years ago my wife and I bought a circa 1790 farm house that had been added on to over the centuries. We restored portions of the house and renovated others. When our children outnumbered the available bedrooms, we decided to add on.

Like many farm houses, ours was built close to the road on one side and next to a hill on the other. Of the two sides left, only one allowed us to add a bedroom without destroying another.

After trying many alternatives, I was able to design a bedroom and master bath addition on the second floor with the bonus of a spacious open porch below. By using foam insulation in the ceiling of the porch, we were able to create two of the warmest rooms in the house.

By building the porch on a full foundation, we also have the option in the future to glass in the porch and easily add heat if additional space is needed.

The design of this addition, like all of our designs, was the product of a patient search. The clients were some of the most demanding people; my wife, my children, and myself.

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