Thursday, November 06, 2008

Small Can Be Big (Almost finished)

small house

Our clients asked us to design a small, energy efficient, comfortable home to replace their existing log home which felt confining and dark. Both we and our clients are overjoyed at the way this 'not so big' house turned out.

For a home with about 2000 square feet of heated living space, there are many surprises including plenty of room. One important design element probably adds the most to the livability of this home: porches. Their site is a beautiful wooded lot overlooking a stream below. Secondly, the kitchen, dining and living spaces flow gracefully into each other, making them all feel larger.
We know we have struck a cord when the contractor, the carpenters and the subcontractors all want to move into the home they are building.

screened porch

comfortable house


Audry said...

cute house! :-D

Judith said...

Jimmy, its a beautiful house. I hope you can show us more later. Judy B.